Wax Melt - Paraffin - Blue Skull and Flowers - Sunwashed Linen Scent

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Wax Melt / Tart - 2oz round

Sunwashed Linen scent

Blue Skull with Roses in a black organza 5" x 7" bag. Cosmetic grade Mica and glitter. Lavender pink background in a geode shape. Hand crafted. Only 4 available.

Two tags Available -
Existential Tag or Simple KM Wax tag

Break apart into small pieces to add to your tealight or electric wax warmer.

Can be used a scented sachet as well.

A wonderful small gift that tells someone you're thinking of them.

About: Wax Melts as ART. 

Existential, Fleeting, Beautiful small works of art. 

Meant to be enjoyed. Meant to be let go. 

Everything is Temporary. Look, appreciate... Melt 


My wax melts are created on the fly. Hand crafted in very small batches, no more than 16 ounces at at a time. I get out the color, scent and let inspiration hit. There is something very relaxing about the heat of the wax, the melting, the swirls of colors and the surprise when removed from the mold. Each one is a one of a kind creation. 

My apologies for not mass producing full scent lines and repeating styles. Its not in my nature to work that way. I hope you will enjoy the ever changing artistic nature. 


I use very high quality Fragrance Oils in my wax art. They come from many reputable American Made companies. They are always pthalate free, preservative free and are body safe. 


I use all waxes as long as they are from sustainable sources.

I enjoy Soy wax for it's soft nature, especially in my scoopable wax jars and wickless candles. Paraffin is a real joy to work with. I love it for use in really detailed molds when wax strength is needed. Palm Wax gives a fantastic vintage stone look to pieces. It feathers and gives a crackled look which is a unique characteristic. ParaSoy is another favorite. It is a combination of Paraffin and Soy Wax that is easy to work with and holds it's shape.

Have an idea? I would be happy to work up a special design for you.