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This piece is a photo realistic embroidery of a Peruvian Mummy.

This art piece is hand stitched with sewing thread. The cotton fabric has been hand painted using watercolor, India ink and alcohol ink. It has then been mounted in a 6 inch bamboo hoop on a deep birch box. The box is finished with stain and textured with acrylic varnish.

The embroidery is all done by hand using tiny seed stitches.

I have a fascination with anatomy, forensics and physiology. I am very inspired working on this new body of work.

*This box is 8"x 8" x 1 5/8"
It is ready to hang.

*art hand sewn, designed and created by me.

*This is a one of a kind artwork

*celebrate your body with art you can relate to.

*give someone a reminder of their life adventures.

*bodies are weird and wonderful... buy yourself a great conversation piece.

*We are amazing creatures.

*questions, please ask.